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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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been interviewed by the u.s. justice department civil rights division. >> they said they were going to investigate. >> an indication sheldon carter and his wife believe that montgomery county planning officials may now have a lot more to worry about. >> you can't do nothing. >> it's a case that brought grown men to tears and resulted in seven years of meetings, investigations, and bureaucracy that left the dispute over access rights along this historic road in sandy spring unresolved. in a lawsuit, some landowners claim during the development of this nearby subdivision, the maryland national park and planning commission wrongly changed maps, erased historic addresses, and left people like 73-year-old, william rounds without legal access to his own land. blocking his plans to build a retirement home here. >> what could the motivation possibly be? >> money. >> steve, the founder of save has been assisting landowners.
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>> access to their homes and their properties since the mid 1800s. and there comes a time that a subdivision plan is put forward and for reasons unknown, park and planning delete their addresses, deletes their road, and then says they don't keep recos to know who did it or why they did it. they won't put it back. >> do you think your rights have been denied because this is an african american community? >> most definitely, yes. >> if you look around the neighborhood, it's only the four black people that can't get nowhere. you have million dollar homes with no problem. >> a 2013 planning department investigation conducted by an outside lawyer found no wrong doing by developers the agencies involvedded and conflicts in map records dating back to the 1940s. the d.o.j. will not comment on why its civil rights division investigators have been meeting with the landowners. in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. >> now we should know the
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planning officials say the department of justice investigators have not made contact with them and they are not aware of any civil rights inquiry. >> attorneys for the man convicted of killing washington intern are fighting for a new trial. three days of hearings began today. and lawyers argue his 2010 conviction was based on misleading testimony. prosecutors opposed his motion for a new trial. in 2011, a judge sentenced him to 60 years in prison. jesse matthews, a man charged in the abduction of uva student, hanah graham is now in a fairfax county jail. he faces three felony charges connected to a 2005 sex assault. and matthew will go before a judge on friday. >> we have new developments in the deadly shooting of a high school student in woodbridge. >> tonight, police are looking for a fourth suspect. >> i'm surae chinn in woodbridge. police make more arrests in the shooting death of woodbridge
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sr. high school student, ben don wilson. shot to death and police say it was drug related, his mother says no. >> rumors are, this was dug related. this is not drug related. just because the person that shot him was a drug dealer does not mean that this was drug related. i don't know why these people killed my son. prince william county is doing a wonderful job. i will not have my son's name go out like that. >> brenden's mother is in shock, but she wants to thank police for their quick work. brenden wilson was shot and killed monday afternoon. police say they arrested the shooter, smalls, tuesday. he is charged with murder. he's also a convicted felon with several robbery charges. smalls, timothy wilson and two other juveniles lured brenden to the cut through. >> why these monsters wanted to murder my son, i still don't know. >> according to the complaint, the group planned to rob brenden of marijuana.
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smalls allegedly shot the high schooler at close range and fired several more rounds into brenden's body. police say there was an on going disagreement. >> he was a troubled kid. you know, got bullied a lot. i could, you know, relate to that and that's how he helped me. his way out of that was going into drugs. >> brenden's friends and family say the 16-year-old was bullied. >> he was hurting inside. he hurt so bad inside. on the outside, he was big, he was tough, and he wasn't going to let anybody know or anybody see how bad he hurt inside. he was tough on the outside, but dying on the inside. >> in woodbridge, surae chinn, wusa9. neighbors in southeast d.c. filed a lawsuit challenging plans for the construction of two freight railroad tunnels at the site of the old rail tunnel near virginia avenue. outside federal court, organizers said this plan would mean years of hazardous construction. both d.c. and federal governments have approved the
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construction. the freight company csx says it is committed to safety and committed to working with the community. >> you might want to imagine tonight's conversation over dinner for these two window washers who found themselves trapped near the world trade center this afternoon. authorities say the crew was done for the day and in fact, we were about to go up to the roof when one of the scaffolding cables became loose. rescue crews had to use diamond saws to cut through three layers of glass to pull the men into safety. aside from a mild case of hyperthermia, those guys are doing fine. >> the only station with weather alert days, wusa9's first alert weather. >> the colder air and cold air is just on our doorstep right now. thursday, a lot of clouds and chilly. it's going be gradual. thursday night, rain or snow showers possible. we'll monitor that for a possible yellow alert. friday, downright cold and breezy and saturday, dress for the 30s. terps game at 8:00 p.m. good news, the winds will
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subside somewhat. all right, current temperatures, 57 downtown. but look off to the north and west. 50 in leesburg and 50 gaithersburg as well. 46 in winchester. 43 in cumberland. you jump the divide. you're in the upper 20s and low 30s. okay, 8:00 tonight, perhaps 50 downtown. i would ignore that number. 44 in manassas. by 10:00, walking the dog. everybody is in the 40s. 47. some folks at this point, by 10:00, are teetering on upper 30s. 40 in martinsburg, 40 in winchester and 41 at 10:00 in gaithersburg. we will come back and tracking some more clouds tomorrow morning and the possibility of a rain or snow shower tomorrow evening. give you the timetable on that. >> top, thank you. why so-called ebola nurse, kaci hickox is so upset with the makers of this doll. that's ahead. >> yes, it's true.
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today, attorneys for boston marathon bombing suspect, tsarnaev, asked a judge to ask federal prosecutors to turn over any evidence about his older brother's involvement in a separate crime. triple shooting in 2011. >> that evidence would be extremely relevant if their clients convicted of last year's deadly bombing. they say it could bolster a defense argument that their client was cohearsed by his older brother to participate in the marathon bombings. >> in ferguson, missouri, businesses wait up and board up as the grand jury makes a decision to decide if it will indict officer darren wilson for shooting and killing michael brown. that decision has not been released just yet. meantime, his parents are speaking out abroad and they testified before a united nations human rights panel in switzerland. the family's attorney says
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brutality and excessive force at the hands of police in ferguson need to be addressed. >> it's not necessary for him to continue shooting. in that regard, that was totally a -- unnecessary. and lack of appreciation for the life he was about to take. >> we are hearing that the grand jury is expected to make that announcement in the next week or two. >> a civil rights hero who played a key role in enabling african americans in the south to vote has died. former justice department lawyer, john, died tuesday of congestive heart failure. you see him here receiving the medal of freedom in 2012. he led the team that made the constitutional case for the impeachment of president richard nixon, john was 92. >> kaci hickox who treated ebola patients in africa and got into a fight with lawmakers in maine, she is making waves. this time as an action figure.
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however, the company making the case e. dog, insists the ebola inspired action figure is not hickox. poking fun at a serious virus. according to the company website, the action figure costs $30 and comes with an ebola-free health certificate. >> get ready for a major drop in temperatures. topper is going to tell us all about them up next in the forecast.
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a philadelphia woman says it certainly was no prince her pushed her little red corvette into the river. the woman says she and her soon- to-be exown the car and he dumped it into the river just out of spite. police are now looking for the husband. >> that's not nice. >> that's not nice. here's another story. after a bad breakup, you may be tempted to tell your ex how you really feel. >> there are plenty of other chicks out there, his words, not mine. he mail add box of 15 baby chicks to her right here in washington, d.c. what happens next is the story of those babies unlikely path to
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survival. debra alfarone sorts it all out. >> you heard the riddle. the only piece we know, guy and girl in d.c. broke up, but wait. >> their exboyfriend mailed them a box of day old baby chicks with a note that said something, there's plenty of other chicks in the world. >> yeah, let that sink in. other chicks in the world. you're looking at revenge chicks. >> actors in his, you know, poorly thought out revenge scheme. >> bad enough, but then the apparently at a loss ex told the mailman she was going to throw them away. >> couldn't keep them, didn't want them and didn't know what to do them. >> so the mailmen brought the chicks to the humane society. six were sent to sanctuary in virginia and the other nine are now living it up here at poplar spring. a 400 plus acre farm animal sanctuary in poolsville, maryland. pigs, horses, a peacock, they take care of a lot.
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this is andy, a go-to who needed the cart to get around. >> abuse cases, neglect, all kinds of things. and everybody that comes here is going to get to spend the rest of their lives here being fed and all their veterinarian stuff taken care of. >> i don't know who to take. >> in case you are wondering, it is legal to send chicks in the mail. but not legal to own them in d.c. so in answering the age old question, it seems these chicks really did need to get to the other side. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> oh my goodness. >> you could mail them to me legally, but if you mail them to me in d.c., i can't keep them. >> i wonder if the guy felt unappreciated. say hey, there are other fish in the sea. who hasn't felt that way occasionally? >> other fish in the sea. maybe he took the high road. you're welcome. you're welcome. >> i like that. >> and now we answered to the
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age old question, the chick comes first. no eggs, just chicks. >> all right, we looked at temperatures today in the upper 60s. that is going to be a distant memory by tomorrow and january by the time we get into february. by the time we get into friday. let's take a look outside. look at these temperatures. it is 9 in edmondton. so s there is plenty of arctic air up in canada that will work its way southward. not just the rest of this week, but also next week. it is 36 in dallas. it is still 57 downtown. so, we have that one last little day today before the arctic air begins to hop on over the mountains and slowly ze its way in. the jet stream is diving into the southern plain states and it turns up to the north. by this time tomorrow, the jet will be south of us and the cold air will be allowed to roll in. this particular arctic outbreak, we're not exactly in the cross hairs. we're going to feel the arctic air. 57 right now downtown.
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our live look outside. michael and son weather cam. relative humidity only 36%. winds still north, northwest at 13. gusting to about 20. breezy and much colder tonight. bus stop temperatures also kind of chilly. 33 to 34. and that's like 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. sot kids will need a coat tomorrow. dress for the 40s for thursday. and then on friday, dress for the 30s. and we have the high school football playoffs. going to be a cold night, but a dry night. okay, we'll advance this, by morning, temperatures around go downtown. but plenty of 30s in the suburbs and clouds return very quickly. might be a little tiny bit of sun early. clouds roll in quickly. stays dry through the morning rush hour. low 40s by 8:00 and then 30s gaithersburg, leesburg, all that 37. 40 now in la plata. lots of clouds rolling in. by lunchtime, walk to lunch. need your coat. temperatures in the 40s. by 4:00, showers north. showers south. right now, just a lot of clouds
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with temperatures in the 40s. by 6:00, some showers roll through and we'll monitor that. perhaps we'll need a yellow alert. temperatures in the mid 40s. and by 8:00, most of the showers now east of 95 into prince georges county, and into southern maryland. by 11:30, we're back in the 30s. clouds are still lingering. it will take a while, but we will clear late tomorrow night. clear skies, partly cloudy late. breezy, much colder. lows 32 to 42. by morning, clouds roll in very quickly. 32 to 46. and then by afternoon, mostly cloudy and chilly. need a coat all day. high temperatures struggle, struggle to get to 50. in fact, by 9:00, we're only 44. by 11:00, only 49 and we're kind of sitting on 49 with clouds at 1:00 p.m. but still dry. all right. friday, breezy and cold. saturday, lots of shine, but still cold. mid 40s. that's why we say for the terps
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game, dress for the 30s, it's an 8:00 start. we're going to keep you dry. and then a cold rain on monday and then perhaps the coldest air of the season, only 39 on tuesday and that is with full sun. >> cold. >> chilly. >> hopefully the redskins won't be chilly on sunday. >> they have to play anyway. >> hopefully it won't be a chilly reception. warm everybody's hearts. the redskins have a chance to get back to the win column. it will be good for this team. robert griffin, iii, coming up, talks about how he is approaching a game after the bye. ♪
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now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. brought to you by exfinty. >> the washington redskins started 3-6 for the fourth straight season. last year they finished with seven straight losses. the year before that, they won seven straight and made the playoffs. what will happen this year? it will all begin sunday. the redskins should beat the 1- 8 tampa bay buccaneers. one game at a time couldn't be more appropriate. the redskins don't have any room to look ahead. >> our focus is to get to 1-0. it's not to get to 7-0 this week. we have to take care of business this week against tampa and very talented team regardless of the record. there's no easy games in the nfl and we aren't going to overlook them. >> here's your chance to win a redskins jersey signed by ryan
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kerrigan. all you have to do is go to our facebook page and click signed kerrigan jersey give away to enter. you have until sunday, november 23. ravens runningback is having the best season of his career. this week he was named the afc office and player of the week after a two-touchdown, 112-yard performance against tennessee. now taking advantage of the spotlight becoming one of the top backs in the league. the washington wizards started strong this season at 5- 2. one win away from the best start in 40 years. but a main focus has been regaining control of home court advantage, which was part of their demise last season. so far this year, they are 3-0 at home. tonight they begin their longest stretch so far. a four-game home stand and detroit is up first. the pistons are 2-5, but possess a big front court that the wizards have yet to face the likes of. over the years, detroit owned the series, but the wizards are focused on shutting them down early.
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>> you looked at a team that has been struggling, they are getting out of it. so, for us, let's not let them get confidence. we are trying to establish home court advantage early. this is huge for us. winning at home. we have to do a much better job of that than we did last year. >> despite reports from the chicago sun times, the rumors of a jordan zimmerman trade are not true. a washington nationals official shot down those rumors today, but it may not be the end of the talks with any other team. the nats and zimmerman talked about an extension, but nothing has moved yet on that front. a friendly reminder to vote in our high school game of the week. it is playoff time. text the code of the game to 25543 and as always, leads our coverage friday night for game on varsity and probably needs to bundle up a little bit. >> a parka. >> in the 30s, no snow, no rain, but in the 30s and breezy. in fact, we'll show you st
6:27 pm
seven-day. it will be chilly and downright cold friday and saturday and cold for the terps game. that's an 8:00 start. for the burgundy and gold, i think clouds coming in, we'll keep it dry, but kind of chilly. that's the kind of case where if you're in the sun, you're fine. if you're in the shade, you're going to be cold and cold rain on monday. >> all right, sounds like -- >> future looks cold. >> the winter has arrived. >> all right. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> and i'll be back with jan jeffcoat for your only local news at 7:00.
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>> pelley: tonight, history is made 300 million miles away. mankind lands a spacecraft on a comet. charlie d'agata on how it was done. and the secrets that may be uncovered. a relentless artic blast is taking over more of the country. barry petersen reports from ground sub-zero. american sailors in plain clothes are attacked in a country that claims to be an ally. >> go home! >> pelley: david martin reports. dr. jon lapook investigates a price spike for generic drugs. how did her prescription go from $98 to $1200? and jericka duncan with high drama high above new york as window washers are stranded outside the new world trade center.


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